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About Us

J & B Bookkeeping Solutions LLC began in January of 2011. I have been living in Southern Maine for the past 40 Years. I have worked in the Accounting and Bookkeeping field for 35 of those years.


Why choose us?

I am able to put all these years of experience into helping you get organized, and save you time and money.

Most small businesses, are unable to afford a full time office person, and that is where I can help you most of all. All our services are available in total or individually according to your needs.

Accounts Receivable

The recording of any and all income into the business whether it is from Sales, Services, or Owner investment, or Equity Loans from a Banking Institution.

Accounts Payable

The recording of all Bills due to all vendors and principle and interest paid to any Loans and/or credit card charges. This also includes Security Deposits.

Payroll Services

Includes the printing of Payroll Checks, and keeping records of information for W- 2's forwarding Tax reports for Federal and State to Client for Payment according to State and Federal Guidelines.

Federal & State
Tax Returns and Filings

Handling remittances for various government organizations, such as Payroll and Sales Tax, Unemployment Tax both Federal & State and Quarterly Taxes.


Get In Touch.

It is our pleasure to serve you. We specialize in craft bookkeeping services for Individuals and the Small Business. We proudly serve the Sanford ME Springvale ME 04073 areas.

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